From the recording EDM Vol 2 (Massive Presets)

*Sounds used in this demo are listed in order of appearance (drums not included):
Aggressive Flex FX
After Hours
Androids Dream

Simple Bass

It's a Trap!

Casper's Revenge

Shake yer Bootie

Supersaw Anthem
Dreams In Reverse
Pixie Dust

Classic Funk
Casper's Revenge (again)

Classic Commodore

Gliding Square
Enter The Void
Retro Laser Riser
Dry Bass

Easy Hats
Toy Piano
Hush Crush

Bionic Blips
FlexPluck 1

Lush Shifter

Calling Ork

Bounce It
Bright Stars

Deep Clipper
Metallic Wobble

Pluckin' Lasers

Cuttin' Thru

So Chill