From the recording Dark Waves (Massive Presets)

{This NI Massive preset pack is a collection of 50 professionally designed .nmsv files}

Analog. Electric. Charged. Sizzle. Character. Dark. Immersive. Bass. Textures. Unique.

Dark Waves is a collection of hauntingly awesome deep and gritty sounds for Native Instruments Massive. Lots of high energy frequencies adding top end excitement and interest, while deep modulation and a little trickery create mind-blowing and memorable bass elements for your music.

This pack also includes highly-textured sound effects and deeply immersive pads that will help transform your projects instantly. Whether you produce dark music or simply want to add some depth and atmosphere to your tracks, these sounds feel quite endless once you begin exploring the 8 fully-programmed macro controls and creative routing in each patch.

There is absolutely ZERO additional processing applied to the sounds used in the demo track for this preset pack. NO PLUGINS. NO MIXING. NO MASTERING! What you hear is exactly what you get when you buy from OhmLab. We believe that buying sounds should be fast, easy and inspiring. So we keep things simple and transparent, which keeps costs down and you happy.

*Full disclosure: Drums were included in this demo track to provide a sense continuity and flow. (We kept them low in the mix so you can focus on the sounds!) The kick, snare and hi-hats used are not included in the pack and can be found in the stock sound library of Logic Pro X.

Thank you for the continued support! And don’t forget to send us the projects you use our sounds in, so we can share them with the world!