IN MOTION Vol. 2 Mini Pack is the second in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth, in regards to sequenced patches. Exploring the opportunities of motion within sound design is a never-ending journey, and Massive is the perfect synth to carry us along the way.

This new installment in the series brings you sequenced sounds and textures that can easily be tweaked for your own projects, that will help bring you new inspiration and hopefully spark a passion for mastering the incredibly powerful Massive modulation controllers. From hard hitting bass to spacey blips and moving soundscapes, this mini pack is full of flexible sounds ready for you to manipulate and enjoy.

The audio file enclosed shares a small sample of each of the six sounds so you can get an idea of what you can do with them in about 30 seconds. The only parameters tweaked throughout the recording are the Macro controls. Each preset, as with all OhmLab preset releases, has 8 fully functional and professionally programmed Macro controls to give you more control in more ways over how you use and interact with these sounds. The possible variations are seemingly endless!

Have fun with these sounds! And don't forget to share what you make with OhmLab. We're always happy to help you get your music heard by more people!