If you are looking for a typical, plain old sub bass this is not the collection for you! SubGenres Vol. 1 is a new approach to sound design below 100Hz, and it's going to help take your music to a whole new dimension. You will not only feel the bass deep down in your bones, but you will also be able to hear the impact it has upon your sounds. That's right, these sounds surpass the audible threshold on both sides. One of the many benefits of this new approach is that your fans don't need a high end sound system to enjoy some of the extra low end presence. Adding new character and definition to your kick drums and baselines like you've never experienced! And with the 8 fully programmed Macro controls, you can tweak parameters like pitch, distortion, feedback, release and many other unique parameters that dig deep into the potential of NI Massive with a simple twist of a knob. Long gone are the days of sub bass that simply is what it always was. This is sub bass that gives you complete control!

Although you may have only added sub bass to your kicks in the past, these specially designed presets from OhmLab will have you thinking differently about the low end presence of many of your instruments. Simply pair one of these patches to an instrument of your choosing and enjoy the added dose of BOOM. Or perhaps you just need a small touch of support. Too much or too little of something? No problem. Between the six custom crafted sounds included in this mini pack, you can easily find the right match for what you need and forget the old hassles of trying to create a new and different sub bass to set your music apart. From basic old school sub bass sounds to incredibly complex and hard-hitting new school bass that threatens to change your heartbeat and shatter your ego, it's all in here.

Super Sub:
Mixing old and new together in a sub bass that is as flexible as it is powerful.

Electro Sub:
Giving you options that provide control over pitch, waveforms and even effects like bitcrush for your modern music production needs.

Heavy Sub:
You can feel the weight of this bass and hear the pressure. Ideal for hip-hop and its many sub-genres.

Trash Sub:
What what it sound like if you dropped a gritty and downright nasty sub on the low-end layer of your techno baseline or dubstep kick drum? This is your chance to find out.

Harmonic Sub:
A sub bass that is able to enhance a fretless soulful bass guitar one minute and send a hardcore kick through your speakers the next? Yes. This is real.

New School Sub:
Take cutting edge trends and package it in an old school approach to sub design and you get this monster bass that will have you writing songs around it.

The audio sample included below is just the smallest of tastes of what can be done with these powerful OhmLab patches. Any of them can be used just as easily with kick drums, synths or whatever you want to experiment with. I selected drum beats and baselines at random to put these sounds to the test, giving each one only 15 seconds to show off what they have to offer. Since it is so difficult to really share how a sub bass preset can function in different situations, I felt it best to simply include the results of that test so you can hear them yourself. No specific genre, tempo or key was favored. There has been no processing of any kind used to alter these samples, so what you hear is what you get. The only parameters touched during the recordings are the 8 fully programmed Macro controls included with each sub bass preset. So have a listen and just imagine what you can do with sounds like these when they are actually processed, mixed and mastered in your projects!

Have fun with these sounds! And don't forget to share what you make with OhmLab. We're always happy to help you get your music heard by more people!


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