FX Bundle Vol. 1


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The FX Bundle Vol. 1 is a collection of four popular OhmLab sample packs for one ridiculously low price! Grab it now, because our bundles don't always stick around...

When you buy this bundle you will get the following sound packs: Noise, Liquid Air, Lost in the Æther and MNMLST I.

Each sample pack contains at least 50 high-quality .wav files produced here in the Lab, so you know you can trust that you're getting the best.

As usual, no processing of any kind has been applied to any of the samples you hear in the demo tracks. What you hear is exactly what you get when you buy from OhmLab. We believe that buying sounds should be fast, easy and inspiring. So we keep things simple and transparent, which keeps costs down and you happy.

Thank you for the continued support! And don’t forget to send us the music you use OhmLab sounds in, so we can help you share them with the world!

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