Found Sounds for Beat Makers


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{This sample pack is a collection of 50 professionally designed .wav files}

Familiar. Different. Curated. Textures. Organic. Funky. Quirky. Interesting. Exciting. Useful.

Found Sounds for Beat Makers is a special kind of sample pack. Each sound was selected based upon what we want, need and use most in the beat making world. Instead of long sounds that might be favored for the creation of atmospheric or background elements in music, these are all quite short and rather ideal for the purpose of building grooves that will make people stop and take notice. Layering potential and low-mid-to-high range frequency textures reign supreme in this pack.

Expect to hear common kitchen items like dried beans and drinking glasses alongside active motion sounds like toothbrushing and metal machinery. Just don’t expect them to sound completely common, or even be revealed by name! Time was taken to select the right sounds, the right moments, the right textures, etc. But the priority of uniqueness drove the process.

To make this demo I dropped raw samples directly into the arrangement and also used a sampler to share some of the countless variations you can discover once you begin to dig into these sounds. What I did NOT do is further process the sounds in any way, which is how it’s always done here.

*The kick drum is the only sound in the demo that is not in the sample pack.

What you hear is exactly what you get when you buy from OhmLab. We believe that buying sounds should be fast, easy and inspiring. So we keep things simple and transparent, which keeps costs down and you happy.

Thank you for the continued support! And don’t forget to send us the projects you use our sounds in, so we can share them with the world!

Cheers, OhmLab

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