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{This sample pack is a collection of 50 professionally designed .wav files}

Electric. Shocking. Textures. Charged. Sizzle. Unique. Analog. Lively. Fresh. Innovative.

Noise is a collection of meticulously designed samples that feature so many iconic noise types, so accurately presented, that it’s hard to believe that all these sounds were actually created using innovative synthesis techniques. Yes, that right, these samples were not captured with a microphone!

The result is pristine samples that can be used in countless ways, to add subtle character and variations to your music, unique textures and modulation sources for sound design projects and even help set the mood in scoring projects when used as environmental elements.

We decided to showcase some of the more common noise profiles in the demo track and leave the more creative and surprising samples to be discovered when you open it up the first time. Enjoy!

There is absolutely ZERO additional processing applied to the sounds used in the demo track for this sample pack. NO PLUGINS. NO MIXING. NO MASTERING! What you hear is exactly what you get when you buy from OhmLab. We believe that buying sounds should be fast, easy and inspiring. So we keep things simple and transparent, which keeps costs down and you happy.

Thank you for the continued support! And don’t forget to send us the projects you use our sounds in, so we can share them with the world!

Cheers, OhmLab

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