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Sprinkles is a genre-crossing collection of multi-track arps and sequences for Native Instruments Massive. Intended to give your music an added touch of movement and living character, each preset is designed with flexibility and modern music production trends in mind. They sound great as you find them, but swapping out wavetables or adjusting the arpeggios to better fit your music is very simple and expected.

Each patch is pure ear candy — Wide, funky, highly-textured and dripping in memorable character. Ranging from mainstream and chill to dub and experimental, there are endless combinations and possibilities once you begin making them your own. Every preset has 8 fully-programmed macro controls, making it easy to affect timbre and delivery in a variety of ways. So go ahead, pour on the Sprinkles!

*Each sound featured in the demo track is presented in isolation and is included in the pack. For the sake of full transparency, the demo features 14 randomly selected presets, each playing a single note for 4 bars at 120BPM, with at least two macros being modulated at all times to showcase a small amount of the flexibility you can expect. No additional effects processing of any kind has been applied. So what you hear in the demo is what you hear in Massive!

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