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{This MIDI pack is a collection of 50 professionally designed .mid files and 50 corresponding .wav previews. NOT A SAMPLE PACK.}

Funky. Groove. Tribal. Offbeat. Weird. Infectious. Moving. Interesting. Different. Inspiring.

"Polyrhythm" is a MIDI clip collection featuring a wide range of stacked Euclidean rhythms. Some are simple and others are complex. All will add a touch of funk to your projects the instant you drop them in. They’ve been designed to allow for easy layering to help you speed up the groove-making process. In fact, there are a minimum of three of the fifty 16-bar MIDI clips being used at any one time in the demo track. Each one triggering different sounds.

Every MIDI file (.mid) has an accompanying audio file (.wav) preview of the polyrhythm so you can audition before you even begin adding to your arrangement. These MIDI clips can be used to control synths or samplers, which means that any sound you can imagine can be used with this pack. Your creative process just got a little more interesting!

Every sound you hear in the demo is being triggered by polyrhythm MIDI clips featured in this pack. There is absolutely ZERO quantization or swing applied in the track. NO EDITING. NO PLUGINS. NO MASTERING! What you hear is exactly what you get when you buy from OhmLab. We believe that buying sounds and MIDI should be fast, easy and inspiring. So we keep things simple and transparent, which keeps costs down and you happy.

Thank you for the continued support! And don’t forget to send us the projects you use our sounds in, so we can share them with the world!

Cheers, OhmLab

How to use these MIDI files: 1. Browse the set Step and VariStep folders and use the audio previews to audition and select the polyrhythm you want to use. (Pro tip: Use the .wav files as side chain triggers for gates, etc!) 2. Notice that the name of each file discloses only 2 parameters (time signature and corresponding step count of each of the three Euclidean oscillators used to generate the polyrhythms) that can help inform your browsing. Other parameters, like note count, are not disclosed to help maintain a sense of discovery and surprise each time you browse. 3. Drag the MIDI clip into your project and place on a track that has either a sampler or synth loaded. 4. Discover, chase and enjoy the ensuing inspiration.

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